Chairman / Instructor P/R/C Constance H. Beckman, SN St. Petersburg
Directory Editor / Instructor
D/22 Web Master
P/D/C J. Kenneth Guscott, JN
D/Lt Harold W. Howard, SN
D/Lt Sandra S. Krupa, P
R/C Anna Morris, SN
Anna Maria Island
Peace River
St Petersburg
D/22 ITCOM is looking for members with computer experience to help with workshop instruction. Contact Connie Beckman if your are interested.

D/22 ITCOM reports to the District Secretary and has the following responsibilities:
1. Publishing a directory of squadron and district office holders for each Watch Year.
Making the directory available as a printable PDF file and as a database for the DB2000 database program.

2. Keeping the D/22 website up to date.

3. Periodically conducting workshops on various computer related topics. For example:
The DB2000 database program. Basic and advanced topics.
PowerPoint basics and advanced techniques.
Webpage design.

NOTE: ITCOM will entertain giving workshops by request provided there is a reasonably large audience and that the host
arranges facilities.

4. Encourage the use of computers to simplify and unify common USPS tasks.

5. Provide custom software as needed to carry out these tasks

Last Update, 07 Apr, 2020 Please send email regarding this website to Connie Beckman D22itcom

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