Recent Maintenance History

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This section provides a maintenance history of DB2000 and RepWiz.
Program Release Dated Comments
DB2000v3 4/14 Changes:
Educational officers can no longer be submitted using the OD form. This is because additional approvals are needed for these officers. They must be submitted using the online ED-80 form.
DB2000 OD forms now show any officers pending at HQ.

DB2000v3 8/17 Bugs Fixed:
1. when editing a user defined database a current working backup was not created. This caused "Discard Current Changes" to destroy the database by replacing it with the squadron database.

2. Fixed OD form failure to upload changes from the new watch section of the OD form

Removed local blocking of HQ designated "bad" email addresses. Now editing the email address will reset any "bad" code assigned by HQ.

Caused an error message to be shown if no default printer was assigned in Windows.
DB2000v3  11/16 Bugs Fixed:
1. A bug in the Merit Mark Module caused DB2000 to crash in certain circumstances.

2. Error message "Cannot open hqref.mdb" caused because file was missing from install kit. This did not effect updates, only new installs.

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