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Name-Lake Murray Power Squadron   Chartered-1963    District-26    State-SC

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Before 21 May 1994 this Squadron was known as CONGAREE POWER SQUADRON."The Lake Murray Power Squadron is located near Columbia, the capitol city of South Carolina and takes its name from the prominent, man-made lake, having an area of 78 square miles with 649 miles of shoreline. That 48,000 acre lake, situate in the heart of the State and a short distance from the city, was created by the construction of the Dreher Shoals Dam in the late 1920s, as a hydro-electric generating facility, and wasat the time, the largest earthen dam in the world. Today, Lake Murray is a recreational mecca for the midlands of the State.

The Lake Murray Squadron burgee design pictorially incorporates portions of the official South Carolina State Flag and the Confederate Naval Jack, both of which are displayed daily at the State House situate in Columbia. This new design has symbolic significance as well. The palmetto tree, the official South Carolina State Tree, was added to the State Flag in 1861 when the State seceded from the Union. Chosen to honor the heroic defense of a palmetto log fort (Fort Moultrie on Sullivan's Island near Charleston) by South Carolina troops when attacked by the British fleet during the Revolutionary War, it represents strength and resiliency. The blue field and crescent likewise suggest a nautical influence and may be seen to represent both coastal and inland waters, as well as the ever present influence of the moon.

The merging of the two blue fields within the semi-Southern Cross" is indicative of the waters of the Saluda and Bush Rivers which converge to form the headwaters of Lake Murray. The stars have always been an important aid to navigation and theirnumber, within the design, depicts the highest in proficiency and quality_ like that of five-star r ank in the military or five-star award ratings. Finally, the r ed color of the burgee's tip of fly, like that on traffic signs and emergency equipment, serves as a constant reminder of the ever present danger, and the importance of boating safety, whenever afloat."

Squadron Heraldry information was compiled by P/R/C Alice Ringger, AP a member of the Historian Committee from information submitted to HQ by individual squadrons.

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