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Name-Savannah River Sail & Power Squadron   Chartered-1956    District-26    State-SC

Squadron Burgee

Squadron Burgee Heraldry

The vertical blue and white stripes near the tip are found on many squadron pennants and are easily recognized as those of the USPS ensign. The vertical stripes may represent waves standing on end or, more likely, distinguish our flag from the national yacht ensign.

The rest of our pennant is based on the first flag of the Confederate States of America, adopted march 5, 1861. The Stars and Bars, never as popular nor as mistreated as the Johnny-come-lately battle flag, was used as the official naval ensign. We changed the Stars, a circle of seven, representing the states which formed the CSA on February 4, 1861, from white to blue and shifted them from a blue union to the center of a white bar. We trimmed the red, white and red bars to fit the triangular shape of the pennant. No authority has been found to explain the significance of the bars or the blue union.

Squadron Heraldry information was compiled by P/R/C Alice Ringger, AP a member of the Historian Committee from information submitted to HQ by individual squadrons.

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