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Name-Thurmond Lake Sail & Power Squadron   Chartered-2000    District-26    State-SC

Squadron Burgee

Squadron Burgee Heraldry

The blue, yellow and green fields of our burge depict the blue sky, the yellow sun that appears above our waters and the lone pine tree represents all of the forests along Thurmond Lake's twelve hundred miles of shoreline. It has three red strips to remind all of the educational, public service, and fraternal roles of the USPS. Finally, it has three white strips to recognize counties that provide our safe harbors: McCormick and Abbeville, South Carolina and Lincoln, Georgia. Its display on the boats of our squadron serves to encourage safe boating. It also signals our respect for the environment and sends our gratitude to the Creator for nature's bounty.

Squadron Heraldry information was compiled by P/R/C Alice Ringger, AP a member of the Historian Committee from information submitted to HQ by individual squadrons.

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