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District 26's flag uses the Roman Numerals XXVI arranged vertically so that it reads the same from either side of the flag. The two stars represent the two states within the district: South Carolina and Georgia. The two color band that forms an arrow represents the district's two states as one that was derived from many. D/26 was derived from what were Districts 17 and 24 and was created 11 April 1960. Later, District 27 was formed from D/26 on 6 April 1963. District 26, as it exists today, has 14 squadrons where 11 are located throughout South Carolina and three are located in Georgia. Actually, one squadron, Savannah River Sail & Power Squadron, claims both Georgia and South Carolina as it borders Augusta GA and Aiken SC across the Savannah River from one another. The gold border reflects more than 50 years of service.

Squadron Heraldry information was compiled by P/R/C Alice Ringger, AP a member of the Historian Committee from information submitted to HQ by individual squadrons.

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