District 30 Contacts

The contacts listed below are the individual squadron. If you are interested in membership or have any questions requarding the specific squadron, ask them to have their membership chairperson contact you. If you are unable to find a contact or have trouble reaching them call 1-888-FOR-USPS

District 30
WebSite: www.d30usps.org/.
Contact: D/C Tracy L. Simpson, AP
Phone: 000-000-0000
Email: d30usps@gmail.com
Location: Southern IA, MO, KA City, CO, NE, AZ and OK

Boulder Valley Sail & Power Squadron
WebSite: www.abc-co.org
Contact: Lt Larry Stoddard, AP
Phone: 970-324-9604
Email: larry_stoddard@comcast.net
Location: Colorado
Centered around: BOULDER, CO 80302

Des Moines Power Squadron
WebSite: www.usps.org/localusps/sss-dm
Contact: Cdr Kenneth Allen Danley, P
Phone: 515-265-4158
Email: kdanley212@mchsi.com
Location: Iowa
Centered around: DES MOINES, IA 50317

Four Rivers Sail & Power Squadron
WebSite: www.d30usps.org/frsp/index.html
Contact: Cdr James L. Stickney, AP
Phone: 319-626-7636
Email: jstick@mchsi.com
Location: Near Cedar Rapids and Iowa City
Centered around: CEDAR RAPIDS, IA 52402

Grand Lake Sail & Power Squadron
WebSite: www.usps.org/lc/grandlake
Contact: Cdr Margaret Miller, S
Phone: 918-964-1059
Email: pegymiller74344@aol.com
Location: Grand Lake, and NE Oklahoma
Centered around: GROVE, OK 74344

Kansas City Power Squadron
WebSite: usps.org/localusps/sss-knc
Contact: Cdr Donald W. Fidlar, AP
Phone: 816-779-1828
Email: dfidlar@fairpoint.net
Centered around: KANSAS CITY, KS 66101

Phoenix Sail & Power Squadron
WebSite: www.usps.org/localusps/sss-pho
Contact: Cdr Connie J. Johnson, SN
Phone: 623-396-5468
Email: conniej7us@yahoo.com
Location: Metropolitan Phoenix
Centered around: TEMPE, AZ 85281

Waterloo Sail & Power Squadron
Contact: NONE
Centered around: WATERLOO, IA 50704