District 7 Contacts

The contacts listed below are the individual squadron. If you are interested in membership or have any questions requarding the specific squadron, ask them to have their membership chairperson contact you. If you are unable to find a contact or have trouble reaching them call 1-888-FOR-USPS

District 7
WebSite: d7usps.org
Location: OH, PA, WV

Akron Sail & Power Squadron
WebSite: www.akronpowersquadron.com
Contact: Cdr Richard L. Kunig, P
Phone: 330-920-1587
Email: rkunig@aol.com
Location: South of Cleveland: Summit, Medina, Cuyahoga and Portage cou
Centered around: CUYAHOGA FALLS, OH 44221

Berea Sail & Power Squadron
WebSite: www.bereapowersquadron.org
Contact: D/Lt Lawrence Spraggins, JN
Phone: 000-000-0000
Email: biglar43@aol.com
Location: Berea
Centered around: BEREA, OH 44017

Erie Power Squadron
WebSite: www.usps.org/localusps/erie
Contact: Lt/C Thomas C. Pallotta, AP
Phone: 814-866-2058
Email: tcpallotta@msn.com
Location: Erie and surrounding area
Centered around: ERIE, PA 16501

Mansfield Power Squadron
WebSite: www.usps.org/mansfield
Contact: Lt Jay D. Wells, AP
Phone: 419-651-2879
Email: jepiper@3g4airport.com
Location: North Central Ohio
Centered around: MANSFIELD, OH 44901

Mosquito Lake Power Squadron
WebSite: www.usps.org/localusps/sss-mql
Contact: Cdr George N. Feschenko
Phone: 330-501-5192
Email: psfeschenko@aol.com
Centered around: CORTLAND, OH 44410

North Coast Ohio Sail & Power Squadron
WebSite: northcoastohiosailandpowersquadron.org/
Contact: Cdr Kay Barnes, S
Phone: 216-780-8872
Email: kaymmacrdh@yahoo.com
Location: Avon Lake
Centered around: ROCKY RIVER, OH 44116

Pittsburgh Power Squadron
WebSite: www.usps.org/localusps/sss-p
Contact: Cdr Frederick C. Nolte III, AP
Phone: 412-901-0293
Email: nolterfc@verizon.net
Location: Pittsburgh
Centered around: MONROEVILLE, PA 15146

Stark County Power Squadron
WebSite: starkcountyps.org
Contact: Cdr Frederick J. Spring, SN
Phone: 330-493-3068
Email: fritz@naispring.com
Location: Stark County, OH; Canton, Ohio and surrounding area
Centered around: NORTH CANTON, OH 44720

Ten Mile Power Squadron
Contact: Cdr Lynn A. Brockman, P
Phone: 412-720-2821
Email: lynnabrockman@gmail.com
Centered around: BROWNSVILLE, PA 15417

Vermilion Sail & Power Squadron
WebSite: www.usps.org/localusps/vermilion
Contact: D/Lt/C Cathe E. Radabaugh, N
Phone: 440-774-4646
Email: ceradabaugh@gmail.com
Centered around: VERMILION, OH 44089