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Gainesville Sail & Power Squadron (1965) COW Organization Chart
for Job Year 2019 or later

Installation Date: 01/12/2019 Source: ED-80 on 01/04/19

Note: Educational officers will show one of the following, Approved or Not-Approved depending on whether their nomination was approved by the ED-80 process.
Any position shown as ACTING has no incomming job holder and was assigned by default. Any position shown as Current JobYear was assigned by an OD current job change request for this job year.
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Bridge Officers & Assistants
 Commander -   Current JobYear  E189524  Cdr Teresa Davidson, JN 
 Administrative Officer - 2019  Current JobYear  E221290  Lt/C Gary W. Boulware, P 
 Educational Officer - 2019    E194271  Lt/C Michael H. McKinney, SN 
 Executive Officer -   Current JobYear  E092689  Lt/C David M. Teiss, JN 
 Secretary - 2019  Current JobYear  F046451  Lt/C Cam McKinney 
 Treasurer - 2019  Current JobYear  E231222  Lt/C Seth Shrum 
Committees/Individuals reporting to the Secretary
 Information Technology Contact - 2019  ACTING  F046451  Lt/C Cam McKinney 
 Public Contact - 2019    E165723  Lt Jib A. Davidson, JN 
 Squadron Webmaster - 2019  ACTING  F046451  Lt/C Cam McKinney