USPS IT Committee Information Center

The Information Center provides functions designed for member use. Links to functions are found on the menu which will appear when you click on the menu icon at the top of the page, and are divided into the categories listed below. Note: To get to the top of the page click on the faint "Go to Top" which floats on the right hand side of the page.

The menu contains a Table of Contents with links to the different categories.

The Information Center functions allow you to access, and if authorized, update information contained in the USPS server data bases. Where appropriate the updates are also made to Head Quarters databases.

The Information center provides access to information about all members, squadrons and national functions with the need to install special software and databases on your personal computer.

PINs & Security

These functions provide information about USPS Security. They also allow you to log on and off the system and to manage your security information.

Organizational Information

These functions let you access the National, District, Squadron organizational structure and display who occupies what positions. They include functions which allow you to find information on contacts and websites.

Additional functions allow you to directly access National, District and Squadron records with a search by name/title/function.

The "By Squadron/District" function display show all squadron/district information. This includes location, website link, contacts, date chartered, number of members, burgee/flag and, where recorded, burgee heraldry.

If you want to explore, you can even look at the history of squadrons which are no more.

The amount of information displayed is a function of your position within USPS.

The Information Center also makes available online rosters for both squadrons and districts using the "View My ... Roster" function. Rosters can be configured by your squadron or district to contain document and picture libraries and an online calendar. If not configured the default online roster is still a convient way for you to view information about your squadron members or district contacts without the need to install and update tools like DB2000.

Membership Information

The "By Name or Certificate" functions allow you to search by name or Partial name or by certificate number or email address to find information about members contained in all server data bases.

USPS recognizes the privacy of it members and the amount of information displayed depends on your position in USPS.

Members of a squadron are allowed to see all information about their fellow squadron members.

Members with the appropriate squadron jobs, for instance Roster Chair, may update information for other members of their squadron.

Members with certain National Positions, who need to contact individual members, have access to all member information.

Members who appear in the USPS National Directory

  • Members with National Jobs
  • Members with District Jobs
  • Squadron Bridge Officers
Have access to information about all other members who appear in the National Directory. Note: the National Directory only contains a small subset of all members.

The Information Center National Directory is an up-to-date version of the printed National Directory which is issued once a year. Like the printed National Directory it is covered by the same rules: "This Directory is the property of USPS. Its contents may not be furnished to any person not an Officer of USPS. The use of this Directory for any purpose except USPS business is prohibited and if permitted will constitute cause for disciplinary action."

"Manage Your own profile" allows you to display and update your presonal information. The changes will be made in both server and Head Quarters databases.

There are a number of other tools available to locate members.

Other Tools

There are a number of things here which you may find of interest.

The "WebGate" gives you a random tour of the burgees and links to websites for all USPS squadrons and districts. Try it, it can be addictive.

There are a number of tools to "Manage Email Status". The USPS server monitors bounces for messages sent from the server and will mark member email addresses as invalid should a "bounce" occur. These tools will help identify issues and provide the squadron Roster contact with ways to address problems.

We have a lot of information about zip codes gathered in one place. Check out "ZIP Info...". Did you know that zip 99775 in Fairbanks Alaska at 64.86N 147.82W has a population of 1,251, 166 Housing Units, covers 12 square miles of land and 0 of water, has a population density of 10,425 per square mile, had 815 tax returns, total wages of $19,468,941 and more? Check it out!.

"Webmaster/Tools" gives access to Information Technology tools for helping to enhance your websites and tools for managing the online roster options and contents. These include highly secure contact mailers and online forms.

Links for "DB2000 Support" are provided.

A tool which allows District Officers to send email broadcasts to members of their district

Any problems can be addressed to the WebMaster using the link below.