USPS IT Committee Information Center

Last updated 8/5/2019

The Information Center provides tools designed for member use. Links to tools are found on the menu which will appear when you click on the menu icon anywhere on the page. The menu is divided into the categories listed below. Note: To get to the top of the page click on the faint "Go to Top" which floats on the right hand side of the page.

The menu contains a Table of Contents with links to sections which cover different categories.

The Information Center tools allow you to access, and if authorized, update information contained in the USPS server data bases, and where appropriate, to update Head Quarter's databases.

The Information center provides access to information about all members, squadrons, district and national officers and committees. What information you can view and modify is based on what jobs you hold at the squadron, district, and national levels.

PINs & Security

These tools provide information about your personal password (PIN) and your security questions. They also allow you to log on and off the system and to alter your personal security information.

My Information

These tools are short cuts to get you to information which pertains specifically to you. In addition, they allow you to update personal information.

The Information Center makes available online rosters for both squadrons and districts using the "My ... Roster" tool. Rosters can be configured by your squadron or district to contain a document library and an online calendar. If not configured the default online roster provides a convient way for you to view information about your squadron members or district contacts without the need to installing DB2000 on your personal computer.

Organizational Information

These tools let you access information about the National, District, Squadron organizational structures and display who occupies what positions (jobs).

A number of these tools allow you to search National, District and Squadron records by name/title/job function.

For instance, "Show information about a Squadron or District" allows you to search by a partial squadron name. The information displayed includes location, website link, contacts, date chartered, number of members, the burgee/flag and, where recorded, burgee heraldry. Individuals holding the appropriate jobs may update some of the information. If you want to explore, you can even look at the history of squadrons which have passed over the bar. The amount of information displayed is a function of your jobs within USPS.

This section contains links to the online tool which allow those authorized, holding the appropriate jobs, to make changes to job holders at the squadron, district and national levels.


This section provides a set of tools which allow you to locate organizational information by alternate search methods.

It also has a zip code lookup tool which displays far more information than you find on (the post office site). It contains a great deal of information from the 2010 census. Look for it to be updated after the 2020 census. Check this one out!

Membership Information

The "Find Members by Name or Certificate" tools is perhaps the most useful of all. It allows you to search by name or Partial name or by certificate number or email address. It includes a search by nickname and a search for x-members.

USPS recognizes the privacy of it members and the amount of information displayed depends on your position within USPS. Your squadron and district and jobs held determine you need to know.

Members with certain National Positions, who need to contact individual members, have access to all member information.

There are a number of other tools and documents in this section. They include tools for registering associate and honorary members and information peratiningto the meaning of grades, ranks and other levels.

Mail Tools

USPS determines the status of member email addresses by detecting email bounces. There are tools here to help you understand and change the status.

There is also a tool which allows District Officers to send email broadcasts to members of their district

Other Tools

The tools here are intended for webmasters and those who wish to reference server pages from external websites.

For instance there is the "WebGate" gives you a random tour of the burgees and links to websites for all USPS squadrons and districts. Try it, it can be addictive.


These are quick links to locations you may wish to go directly from the information center.

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