Display/Edit a Squadron or District Information Record

Information in the USPS Server Squadron/District Data Base controls the display of Squadron/District information on the USPS Server, and the use of a number of Squadron/District tools on the Server.
  • Squadron

  • Name:     or   Account #:    
    Note: Works with partial names to return a selection list.
       * returns a list with all squadron names.

    Show historic records as well as active squadron/district records. These include squadrons/districts that have disolved, renamed or merged. Historic Squadrons are shown in Itallics.
  • District

  • Number:

A Password is required only if you want to edit your squadron/district record



This page allows a squadron or district to edit the information about them that is displayed on the USPS web site.

If a password is not entered, squadron/district information will be displayed, but edits will not be accepted.

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