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Cincinnati Sail & Power Squadron

District-24    Initials-CI    State-OH
Name-Cincinnati Sail & Power Squadron   Chartered-1938    View District Map    Show Squadrons in this district.

Commander for 2018: Cdr Paul Durstock, N
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COW: 04/00/2018 - From last entry in OD COW list

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Cdr Paul Durstock, N

pdurstock@gmail.com Email
513-314-4732 Telephone

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Location Information
45174 ZIP    39.15° (9') N LAT    84.31° (18.6') W LON - Show on a Map
TERRACE PARK, OH    Hamilton County
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55 Current Members.
0 Associate Members.

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Our design symbolizes Cincinnati - "The Queen City of the Ohio River."

Boating Class Information
    Contact: Susan Durstock, 859-468-3242, sdurstock@gmail.com
    for a Boating Class: Holmes High School, Covingotn, KY, 06/02/2018

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