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Diablo Sail & Power Squadron

District-25    Initials-DI    State-CA
Name-Diablo Sail & Power Squadron   Chartered-1959    View District Map    Show Squadrons in this district.

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Commander for 2019: Cdr Harold J. Morris, AP
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Last COW: 03/30/2019 for Watch Year 2019

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Cdr Harold J. Morris, AP

haltoyone@frontier.com Email
925-699-6741 Telephone

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Area/Description of the area the squadron/district covers
San Francisco Bay

Location Information
94595 ZIP    37.86° (51.6') N LAT    122.07° (4.2') W LON - Show on a Map
WALNUT CREEK, CA    Contra Costa County
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Squadron Membership
49 Current Members.
0 Associate Members.

Squadron Burgee

Squadron Burgee Heraldry

Diablo Power Squadron is named for Mt. Diablo or "Devilís Mountain". Diablo designed itís burgee with a red devil standing in an alert and challenging position with arms on hips on a white field with three angular stripes beyond the devil, running to the tip of the fly.

Boating Class Information
    Contact: Marta Van Loan, 925-372-4152, martavanloan@yahoo.com
    for a Boating Class: City of Antioch Maintenence Services Building, Antioch, CA, 11/10/2018

Seminar Information
This squadron has no seminars scheduled

Advanced Classes Information
    Contact: Michael Holland, 530-304-4487, mjholland@ucdavis.edu
    for a "Piloting" Course: S.s.s. Albatross Sea Base, Martinez, CA, 01/08/2020

Hands-On Training Information
This squadron has no Hands-On Training scheduled