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Squadron Information Display

Golden Corner Lakes Sail & Power Squadron

District-26    Initials-GCL    State-SC
Name-Golden Corner Lakes Sail & Power Squadron    Show Squadrons in this district.

America's Boating Club Name:
Golden Corner Lakes
Chartered: 2002
Last COW: 10/29/2023 for Watch Year 2024
Note: This date was based on the anniversary of the last previous known COW

Commander for 2024: Cdr Mickey Jean Bladel, S    View Information E300321
View Squadron Org Chart                     View Squadron Jobs History
Website:    View WebGate Display
Face Book Address:   
News Letter Name: Golden Anchor
External Picture Library: None
Public Contact: Cdr Mickey Jean Bladel, S   View Information E300321
IT Contact: Lt/C Brian E. Hackley, SN   View Information E224923
Area Covered/Time Zone: "Savannah River headwaters lakes" / Eastern
Location Information:
ZIP 29670  PENDLETON, SC   "Anderson" County   View Zip Code Details
34.65° (39') N LAT    82.78° (46.8') W LON Show on a Map

Squadron Membership:
86 Current Members. View Member List
0 Associate Members. View Associate Member List
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Record Last Modified: 11/06/23 by: JOBSLD

Squadron Burgee:

Squadron Burgee Heraldry:
The yellow wedge represents the ‘golden corner’ of the upstate; the six blue stripes represent the six members who founded Golden Corner Lakes and the red, white, and blue represent the colors in the USPS Ensign.