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Miami Sail & Power Squadron

District-8    Initials-M    State-FL
Name-Miami Sail & Power Squadron   Chartered-1939    View District Map    Show Squadrons in this district.

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Commander for 2019: Cdr Kevin David Bedsworth, P
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Last COW: 03/23/2019 for Watch Year 2019

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V/C Lee Popham, JN

WmLeePopham@outlook.com Email
305-904-4400 Telephone

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Area/Description of the area the squadron/district covers
Greater Miami, Miami Beach

Location Information
33172 ZIP    25.773523° (46.4') N LAT    80.357232° (21.4') W LON - Show on a Map
MIAMI, FL    Miami-Dade County
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26 Current Members.
0 Associate Members.

Squadron Burgee

Squadron History

Squadron: Miami Beach Number: 3270 Initials: MM
Chartered: 1954
District: 8
In State: FL
Action: 2008 - Merged into Miami

Miami Beach Squadron Burgee

Miami Beach Squadron Burgee Heraldry

The burgee shows a pelican, which is very common around Miami Beach.

Squadron: Everglades Number: 1695 Initials: EVG
Chartered: 1970
District: 8
In State: FL
Action: 2008 - Merged into Miami

Everglades Squadron Burgee

Boating Class Information
    Contact: Lee Popham Sr., 305-904-4400, Popham@earthlink.net
    for a Boating Class: Lindsey Hopkins Technical College, Miami, FL, 11/06/2017

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This squadron has no seminars scheduled

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This squadron has no Advanced Classes scheduled

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This squadron has no Hands-On Training scheduled