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Squadron Information Display

Naples Sail & Power Squadron

District-22    Initials-NS    State-FL
Name-Naples Sail & Power Squadron    Show Squadrons in this district.

America's Boating Club Name:
Naples Sail & Power Squadron
Chartered: 1967
Last COW: 02/18/2023 for Watch Year 2023
Note: This date was based on the anniversary of the last previous known COW

Commander for 2023: Cdr Emery A. Viazanko, AP    View Information E099151
View Squadron Org Chart
Website:    View WebGate Display
Face Book Address: None
News Letter Name: THE LOG
External Picture Library: None
Public Contact: Lt Jim McDonald, SN   View Information E176690
IT Contact: Lt William R. Myers, N   View Information E280243
Area Covered/Time Zone: "Naples, Florida" / Eastern
Location Information:
ZIP 34104  NAPLES, FL   "Collier" County   View Zip Code Details
26.14° (8.4') N LAT    81.79° (47.4') W LON Show on a Map

Squadron Membership:
52 Current Members. View Member List
0 Associate Members. View Associate Member List
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Record Last Modified: 02/18/23 by: JOBSLD

Squadron Burgee:
Naples 50.jpg

Squadron Burgee Heraldry: The red, white and blue fields are from the federal and United States Power Squadrons' ensigns. The alligator is symbolic of the Everglades and its inhabitants with whom we share the waterways.