Tacoma Boating Courses

If the course listing has a status of "Registration Closed", the course has already begun. The course contact will be able to tell you if late registration is permitted.

If the status is "Pending", a course in the same location is tentatively scheduled for the season listed. Check here for future schedule updates or try the contact for further information.

If the status is "Schedule Pending", the listed squadron has not decided where or when to hold their next course. The contact may be able to supply more information.

Squadron: Tacoma  District: 16 - America's Boating Course - 8hr - Web Site
Contact: Brenda Williamson  Phone: 253-370-3048
Email:  williamson.bren@gmail.com
City: Tacoma, WA 98407
STATUS: Schedule Pending

Tacoma Seminars

Seminars are listed by City where they are taught within District.

Tacoma Advanced Classes

Advanced Classes are listed by City where they are taught within District.

Subject: Advanced Piloting,
Squadron: Tacoma  District: 16 - Web Site
Contact: Bentley Rickmers  Phone: 253-208-1678
Email:  benric7@gmail.com
Location: Online Zoom Course
City: Tacoma, WA 98409
Start Date: JAN 21, 2021  Time: 07:00PM
Registration Date: JAN 15, 2021
Registration Time: 07:00PM
STATUS: Registration Closed