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Berkshire (BE)
May 1, 2022
 Susan L. Darcy, JN
 sldarcy at roadrunner dot com
 Tom Dailey, JN
 t.a.dailey44 at gmail dot com
Darien (DA)
 Lynn Wise Oliver, AP
 lynnwoliver at gmail dot com
 Mark Dam, P
 mdam64500 at gmail dot com
Greenwich (GBY)
 Robert Henry, SN
 rhenry149 at optonline dot net
 Andrew M. Cummings, JN
 acummings13 at optonline dot net
Lake Candlewood (LC)
April 24, 2022
 T.J. Panzica
 tjpanzica at comcast dot net
 Virginia Schmidt-Gedney, AP
 vegedney at aol dot com
Lake George (LG)
 David Hawthorne
 hdave1 at nycap dot rr dot com **
 Donna S. Canestraro, S
 dcanestr at nycap dot rr dot com **
Mid-Hudson (MH)
March 20, 2022
 Katherine Somogyi, AP
 Ksonboard at aol dot com
 Frederick E. Mangelsdorf, SN
 femangelsd at aol dot com
Mohawk Hudson (MO)
 Robert Terry, P
 robertterry12010 at outlook dot com
 Frank W. Isele, N
 fisele001 at nycap dot rr dot com **
Norwalk (NW)
 Jim Dobbs, AP
 Jdob3542 at gmail dot com
 Karl M. Wagner, JN
 kwagner9 at optonline dot net
Penfield (PF)
 Donald Peterson, JN
 dfp1061 at gmail dot com
 Norman R. Marsilius, AP
 normanmarsilius at yahoo dot com
Sacandaga (SC)
May DD, 2022
 Philip Roeber, P
 proeber47 at hotmail dot com
 Virginia M. Andersen, AP
 virginia dot andersen1 at gmail dot com
Saugatuck River (SR)
 Craig Burry, P
 freelancecaptcb at optonline dot net
 Russell B. Levine, S
 grandrussell at aol dot com
Stamford (ST)
 Alvin Hebert, AP
 fourbears at aol dot com
 George P. Hallenbeck, AP
 gwlk at aol dot com
Storm King (SK)
 Vincent J. Evans, P
 aloha34ns at gmail dot com
 Philip K. Cameron, Jr., AP
 pcameron46 at gmail dot com
Westchester (WC)
D2 burgee
   D2 Email Coordinator     District Webmaster   District Internet Liasion
* To our USPS® members and friends: We regret we been forced to no longer hot link our email addresses. We apologize for the extra work needed to send email but we want to protect our addresses as best we can.

We're now using a funny form for email addresses on our website due to the amount of junk mail being generated by collecting email addresses and then selling the addresses to spammers and scam artists. Then these addresses start receiving tons of unwelcome emails. So we've made our email addresses less recognizable to the collecting programs by listing the addresses with the at ( @ ) sign and the dot (.) spelled out in this way:     AvoiDaSpam at mailserver dot com .

** There really are two or three dots.

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