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District 26 Carol A. McVey Educational Leadership Award

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This award has been renamed as Carol A. McVey Award for Educational Leadership, and is presented by District 26 to the squadron educational officer who has shown outstanding leadership in USPS education. Consideration is given (but not limited) to: best squadron record of educational courses passed in ratio to squadron membership; best advancement of squadron in composite educational achievement per the requirements of the district educational trophy; attendance at district council and conference meetings; promptness in handling reports and correspondence; and, participation in projects to promote USPS educational programs.

  Year Commander Squadron
  2019 Lt/C William David Yost, AP-CN Tybee Light
  2018 Lt/C Dennis Cusanelli, AP-IN Tybee Light
  2017 Lt/C Bob Corsaro, SN Beaufort
  2016 Lt/C Peter Dion, SN Hilton Head
  2015 Lt/C Marlyn Stroven, SN Golden Corner Lakes
  2014 Lt/C Nelson Hicks, SN Charleston
  2013 Lt/C Nelson Hicks, SN Charleston
  2012 Lt/C Leslie Gilroy, AP Hilton Head
  2011 Lt/C Leslie Gilroy, AP Hilton Head
  2010 Lt/C John Mayenburg, AP Charleston
  2009 P/C Charles Schuler, SN North Strand
  2008 Lt/C Andy Hyman, JN Lake Murray
  2007 Lt/C  Paulette Harris Holmes, JN Savannah River
  2006 Cdr Bill Woodward, SN Beaufort
2005 Lt/C Bill Woodward, AP Beaufort
2004 P/C Larry Byrd, SN and
Lt/C Linda Boyette, P
Long Bay
North Strand
2003 Lt/C David Price, AP Lake Murray
  2002 Lt/C Steve Kromer Charleston
  2001 Lt/C Wildred “Bill” Race North Strand
  2000 Lt/C Eric Pearson, SN Lake Murray
  1999 Lt/C Stephen Rawe, JN Charleston
  1998 Lt/C Daniel Ray, SN Greenville
  1997 Lt/C Daniel Ray, SN Greenville
  1996 Lt/C Virginia Pearson, P Swamp Fox
  1995 Lt/C Jerome T. Clendenen, SN Tybee Light
  1994 Lt/C Carol A. McVey, AP Swamp Fox
  1993 Lt/C Mary K. Favaro, SN Charleston
  1992 Lt/C Edward Kopriver, AP Long Bay
  1991 Lt/C James R. Morris, SN Charleston
  1990 Lt/C Harry L. Darby, SN Tybee Light
  1989 Lt/C Harry L. Darby, SN Tybee Light
  1988 Lt/C Jean-Jaques Redslob, SN Beaufort
  1987 Lt/C David L. Bartles, AP Lake Murray
  1986 Lt/C Charlotte Silbaugh, SN Beaufort
  1985 Lt/C Hal B. Jennings, Jr., SN Beaufort
  1984 Lt/C Robert Larsen, SN Greenville
  1983 Lt/C Joseph Silbaugh, SN Beaufort
  1982 Lt/C Harry L. Darby, SN Tybee Light
  1981 P/C Larry Byrd, AP Long Bay
  1980 Lt/C William Abbott, Jr., SN Long Bay
  1979 P/C Don J. Coon, Jr., JN Savannah River
  1978 Lt/C Albert H. Burts, JN Lake Murray
  1977 P/C Bruce Parsons, AP Greenville
  1976 Lt/C Thomas A. Terry, Jr., JN Tybee Light
  1975 P/C James B. Robinson, AP Savannah River
  1974 Lt/C Robert L. Bartlett, JN Swamp Fox
  1973 Lt/C Elmer J. McKenna, S Beaufort
  1972 Lt/C Paul T. Lloyd, AP Tybee Light
  1971 P/D/C Richard E. Rettew, SN Greenville

Note: Ranks and Grades are shown as of the date of the award.




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