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holDelhigh’s Annual Christmas Party
Beck’s Land and Sea
997 Bushkill Center Road, Nazareth
Saturday, December 14, 2020
Happy Hour at the McKenzie’s house at 5:30pm. 
Appetizers and Rum Punch will be provided.  Please stop by!
Dinner Choices:
Chicken Marsala with pasta                         __________@ $36.00
(Chicken tenders, mushrooms, Marsala wine and cream)
Broiled Seafood Combination                      __________@ $43.00
(Shrimp, Sea Scallops, and Crab Imperial, with rice)
Ribeye Steak with baked potato                  __________@ $47.00
(Slight firmness, slightly marbled, served Medium)
Dinner will include fresh baked rolls, vegetable du jour,
salad (choice of balsamic vinaigrette or buttermilk ranch dressings),
and desert (choice of chocolate cake or carrot cake).

                                                                    Total Enclosed $_________

Please circle meal, dressing and dessert choices below.
Dinner 1:  Chicken  Seafood Steak   Balsamic  Ranch   Chocolate Cake  Carrot Cake
Dinner 2:  Chicken  Seafood Steak   Balsamic  Ranch   Chocolate Cake  Carrot Cake
Pollyanna Gift Exchange
Please bring a gift valued $20 or less if you would like to participate.  Either one gift per person or per couple.
tftWe will also be collecting Toys For Tots this year.  Please bring an unwrapped gift if interested.
RSVP by Weds, 4 Dec to:
Kathleen Nowroozani, 6951 Sunflower Lane, Macungie, PA 18062