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Join Delhigh for our August
Monthly Meeting at
iro     vs.    met
When: Wednesday, August 3, 2022
Where: PennTeleData Party Porch (3rd Base Side)
Buffet: 6:05pm - 8:05pm
Game: 7:05pm
Cost: $37.00 each
NOTE: The private, upgraded buffet will be served rain or shine and includes the usual burgers, dogs and sides and more, plus water and soft drinks. If the game is cancelled the buffet WILL STILL BE SERVED. We will meet regardless of the weather!  We have our own buffet and a roof over our heads so we will stay dry rain or shine!
Please contact P/C Kathleen Nowroozani, SN at (610) 351-5192 or k.now@mac.com if you would like to make a reservation to attend.
Payment is required NO LATER THAN June 30, 2022.
Friends and Family are Welcome!
See you at the Ballpark!!!