Americas Boating Club of Door County

Vessel Safety Check - Get Yours Today!

Put safety first and have your boat inspected for Free!
Every year we visit Door County Marina's to provide boaters the oppertunity to get their boat inspected. Our 15 point Vessel Safety Check encourages boaters to be prepared while having fun on the water. If you don't pass, we'll help guide you through the requirements; the same requirements put forth by the US Coast Guard.

To schedule your Vessel Safety Check today, contact our VSC Coordinator:

Lou Pasquesi - 920-421-2214

Or check out the dates below to see when we'll be at your Marina. To learn more about our Vessel Safety Check program in detail, visit our National Website here

VSC 2021 Decal

15 Point Vessel Safety Check (PDF)

Vessel Safety Check and Related Activities Schedule 2021

Date Location City
8 June Quarter Deck / Harbor Club Sturgeon Bay, WI
15 June Ephraim Municiple Marina, Yacht Club Ephraim, WI
17 June Sister Bay Rentals, Transient Slips Sister Bay, WI
22 June Fish Creek Municiple Marina, Alibi Dock Fish Creek, WI
23 June Egg Harbor Marina Egg Harbor, WI
29 June Wavepoint Marina, Center Point Marina Sturgeon Bay, WI
6 July Bailey's Harbor Marina Bailey's Harbor, WI
10 July Gills Rock Marina, Ellison Bay Marina Ellison Bay, WI
10 July Washington Island Paddle Fest, Kap's Marina Washington Island, WI
17 July Quarter Deck / Harbor Club Sturgeon Bay, WI
17 July Lathem Smith Marina Sturgeon Bay, WI
18 July Sister Bay Yacht Works, Ephraim Municiple Marina Sister Bay, WI
18 July Wavepoint Marina Sturgeon Bay, WI
19 July Check Marinas for Transients -
7 August Bailey's Harbor/Egg Harbor -
4 September Sister Bay Marina Fest Sister Bay, WI