In a change from our normal practice, we will NOT be assigning new passwords for your squadron and district accounts.

However, to keep your information secure we recommend that you regularly change your passwords.

We hope that the following information will assist you to change your passwords.

What do I do if I have forgotten or do not know the currently assigned passwords?
The following link has been provided to retrieve passwords only squadron or district commanders have the ability to view this information.
You must be registered as such with HQ via OD-1/OD-2 forms.

How do I change the passwords?
You must know the current master password in order to make changes using the following link
Passwords are alpha/numeric only, can be 6-8 characters in length and must not contain 1 (one) or 0 (zero).
The system will change a 1 to a letter I and a 0 to a letter O if you try to use these characters.

Why are there so many passwords?
There are four password levels currently in operation as follows:
MASTER password: designed to permit the holder of the account to maintain/change the 4 passwords associated with his account.
It will also allow the user to view dues reports and make changes via the online OD-1/OD-2 reports.
UPDATER password: should be given to the SINGLE individual in the squadron who has responsibility for sending updates (uploads) to the HQ database via DB2000.
This password will also allow the user to download rosters from HQ, view dues reports and use the online update systems.
USER password: should be made generally available as it provides access to many functions;
submitting roster requests/downloading rosters via DB2000, viewing dues reports, viewing Squadron/District Resumes posted at the Committee on Nominations website and processing Membership Applications online.
This password does not allow the updating of members records at HQ.
MERIT MARK password: used solely for processing Merit Marks electronically via DB2000.
This should only be used by the Commander or be provided to the Merit Mark Chair.

To whom shall I give the password?
As commander, you are allowed to delegate the use of these passwords; please be responsible when distributing passwords.