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Great Lakes Cruising Club Partnership

Lamp of Learning


Great Lakes Cruising Club
On-Line Cruising-Related Webinars

We're pleased to announce the continuation of our exciting partnership arrangement with the Great Lakes Cruising Club (GLCC) in which all GLCC on-line cruising-related webinars are available to USPS members at reduced USPS registration rates. Many webinars are planned for the 2016-17 GLCCSchool curriculum year that runs from November through April. GLCC School Logo

Live, real time on-screen presentations with visual aids provide an opportunity for participants to interact with the instructor and each other in a virtual classroom. Sessions typically run 60-90 minutes. If scheduling doesn't allow someone to attend a live webinar, they have an opportunity to view a recording of the live event on demand up to six weeks later. In addition, selected previously broadcast webinars are periodically made available for recording-only registration.

On average webinar registration is only $20.00, discounted to $15.00 for current Great Lakes Cruising Club (GLCC), United States Power Squadron (USPS) and Canadian Power and Sail Squadron (CPS) members.

How To Start

To ensure that you automatically receive all notices regarding upcoming GLCCSchool webinars and related events, we recommend you enroll in GLCCSchool. GLCCSchool accounts are free. it's just a matter of filling out an on-line registration using the "Free Enrollment" link near the top of every GLCCSchool web site screen. This way, you won't miss an announcement of a webinar that might be of special interest to you.

What's Needed:

  • computer with speakers and a browser (no special software or operating system required)
  • Internet connection
  • desire to learn
  • minimal webinar registration fee

There are no tests, only information from GLCC-accredited sail and power boaters and other acknowledged experts having first-hand knowledge of their subject.

Additional Information and Discount Code

Additional information about the new web-based GLCCSchool is available on the USPS GLCC Webinar Discount Code web page and on GLCCSchool. On the USPS GLCC Webinar Discount Code web page, logged-on USPS members will find links to the member-only discount code needed to secure reduced rates to GLCCSchool webinars.

We think you'll find this partnership providing discounted GLCCSchool webinar access to all USPS members very useful and interesting.

Happy boating... and happy learning!

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