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USPS Officer Flags

This page shows flags displayed by current and past USPS officers.

Note, flags, ensigns, pennants, or burgee may not be drawn to exact scale. In many cases, it was necessary to compromise their scale in order to meet the restrictions of the media.

Information on the display of officer flags

Type of Flag
Flags for:
    National Officers

                Chief Commander

                Vice Commanders

                Rear Commanders

                Staff Commanders

                Flag Lieutenant

           Aide to C/C or Chaplain

    District Officers


           Lieutenant Commander

                   1st Lieutenant


                Flag Lieutenant

           Aide to D/C or Chaplain

    Squadron Officers


           Lieutenant Commander

                   1st Lieutenant


                Flag Lieutenant

                  Fleet Captain

    Past National, District, and Squadron Officers

             Past Chief Commander

             Past Vice Commander

             Past Rear Commander

             Past Staff Commander

         Past National Flag Lieutenant

         Past District Commander

    Past District Lieutenant Commander

        Past Squadron Commander

    Past Squadron Lieutenant Commander

    Special Types

                Port Captain

                Officer-In-Charge Pennant

                Cruise Pennant

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