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Multiple Flag Signal Codes

When displayed in combinations, signal flags have a special meanings as shown below.

A + E - I must abandon my vessel

C + J - Do you require assistance?

C + N - I am unable to give assistance

J + I - Are you aground?

J + L - You are running the risk of going aground

J + W - I have sprung a leak

K + N - I cannot take you in tow

K + N + 1 - I cannot take you in tow but I will report you and ask for immediate assistance

Note a numeral is added to general messages to provide variation in meaning, to ask or answer a question, or to supplement the basic message

L + N - Light (name follows) has been extinguished

L + O - I am not in my correct position (To be used by a lightship)

L + R - Bar is not dangerous

L + S - Bar is dangerous

M + F - Course to reach me is ...

M + G - You should steer course ...

N + C - I am in distress

N + F - You are running into danger

N + G - You are in a dangerous position

Y + Z - Indicates words which follow are in plain language. Use is optional if it is obvious that the words are in plain language

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