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 Our Lake of Operation


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Location of the Lake

The lake is accessable from four exits on Interstate 44.  The approximate distance from Tulsa OK, is 70 miles and from Joplin MO, about 45 miles.

The largest town on the lake, and the center of the GLS&PS area of activities is Grove OK.  It is located on Highway 59 approximately 12 miles South of the Afton Exit on the Will Rogers Turnpike (I-44).  Click here for more information about Grove.

.Our area of operation covers the entire lake.

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Pensacola Dam on Grand Lake, Oklahoma.  This dam is the longest multiple arch dam in the United States.  It was completed in 1941

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Sailboat Bridge, a new addition to the lake.  Completed
in 2000 it represents the single largest contact ever let
by ODOT.  It is on State Highway 59 North in Grove, OK

Click here to visit our newest lake feature, the Wolfcreek Park and Boat Launch Ramp

Details of the Lake

    This beautiful lake was created in 1940 with the completion of the Pensacola Dam, shown above, on the Grand River.  The massive reservoir
holds 59,200 surface acres of water at an  average surface level of 740 feet above sea  level.  The shoreline is 1300 miles long with length
of over 60 miles winding through the foothills of the Ozarks.  Boating is possible all year long.  The best boating periods are early summer,
May and June, and in the fall.

click here for present water level of lake

The Grand Lake Association
Visitors Center.

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The new sign in operation

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GLSPS makes a donation to the GLA sign project on 12/14/2010.   Here Treasurer Roger Endo, S and our Commander Marcial Pett, P present a check in the amount of $500 to the director of GLA, Tad Jones.

The Grand Lake Association
Visitors Center.

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The visitor center with the new sign in action


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Sunsets like this can be seen on Grand Lake


       For more information about the activities on and around our lake,  stop and visit the Grand Lake Association Visitors Center.  
       The Visitor Center is located approximately one mile South of Sailboat Bridge on Highway 59.  During the summer, if you stop
       in for a visit you may meet a member or two of the Grand Lake Sail & Power Squadron.  One of our civic duties is the staffing
       of the visitor center on non-holiday weekends.  Hope to see you there.

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