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Grand Lake Sail & Power Squadron

Photos of recent events

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Kerr - McClellan Navagation System River Run

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First was to unload after the drive from Grove to Muskogee Bob Hunts boat and crew Jim McxNabb and Crew Mac MacDonald and crew
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We're on the way to the first (only) lock. Oops, guess we will wait until
this is gone
Now it's open.  Sure looks bigger than it did with the barge and tug boat Learning how to attach to the sides of the lock so you don't go down the drain
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Out of the lock and on the way.

GPS Navigation Run

The weather finally cooperated for one of the GLSPS events.
First thing to do was to congregate at the center of Sailboat Bridge
on the water

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Susie and Ray Holden were waiting for us and gave us a "good luck" send off
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Roger Endo, middle boat had a full load to help the navigation chores Bob and Kathy Hunt arrived in time for the departure The mini Tug Boat of the Brooks arrived "huffin and puffin"
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Co-Chairman Jim Sweeten announces the winner, Roger Endo and crew Getting all the mourings correct as we rafted up in Three Fingers Cove
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The above two pictures were taken for the benifit of Brian Hunt, who missed this feast






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