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After you provide contact information, it will be sent to the squadrons closest to your ZIP code. Representatives of the squadrons will contact you and answer any questions you may have regarding membership and squadron activities. If you like what you hear, you can apply for membership. We welcome your interest in becoming a member of USPS and would like to assist you in the process. Please complete the information requested below. It will be sent to a member of our staff who will process your information and serve as a liaison between you and the squadrons closest to your home. At the same time if you have any questions please contact us by telephone at (888) 367-8777 or by email at contactme@hq.usps.org .

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Obtaining a duplicate boating course certificate

The first step is to contact USPS Headquarters in Raleigh, North Carolina with your name, the date you took the course, where you took the course, and the squadron which taught the course.  We verify as far back as 1989; anything prior to 2001 is done by social security number.  After 2001 is by last name, and we would be happy to search both ways for the students that are not quite sure in what year they took those courses.  When we cannot find proof, we request a copy of documentation.  If you don't have written proof we will refer you back to the squadron which taught the course.  There is a charge of $20 for a replacement boating course completion card.

USPS Headquarters (888) 367-8777 ext 0

Email Customer Service

There are three ways you can join:

  • Join online. You can join as a national member or cyber-member, and transfer to a particular squadron later if you wish.  Fill out an application form and credit card info, and you will be registered to receive our national magazine and our electronic newsletter, you can save on courses and seminars, and you have all the privileges of full membership.  You can also take courses locally with a squadron.  Click here.
  • Contact a local squadron.  Find out where and when they meet, their local course schedule, the next events, and begin your relationship with a great local boating organization.  Click here to find one near you.
  • Have a squadron contact you.  Nearby squadrons will be notified of your interest and will be encouraged to contact you.  Click here to fill out the form online.

USPS Testimonials

"USPS courses gave me the confidence I needed to prepare for a yearlong circumnavigation."

Edie Hayward, USPS Member 9 years

"I thought I knew a lot about boating before, but now my knowledge and skills have increased many times over."

        Paul Mermelstein, USPS member 8 years

"Most of all, USPS is about people!  It’s true that we have the most effective recreational boater education program available and that we are truly integrated into our respective communities.  However, at the end of the day, it’s the relationships that we build with our fellow USPS members that make our organization really special."

       Peter TenBrink

"We took a boating course when we moved to a new state -we joined the United States Power Squadrons because of the amount of local knowledge, the number of members that enjoyed sharing that knowledge.  There are other organizations but this one welcomed everyone -income, educational background, career -none of that was important -all that matters is the love of boating and working together to make a better boating experience for the community."

      Kay Simkins

"When our 16 year old Son wanted to take our bass boat out by himself I told him he needed to take the United States Power Squadron’s  Safe Boating Class and I took it with him.

At the end of the class I was invited to join the Beaumont Power Squadron and I have been a USPS member for 30 years.

Last year I told my Grandson he needed to take the ABC3 boating safety course if he wanted to operate our boat by himself.

So now my Son’s Son has passed the course and I am confident that he will be a safe Skipper."


             Peter H. Hames

What's a Squadron? Although USPS is a large organization, most of our 35,000 members belong to a local chapter, or "squadron". There are squadrons all over the country, and most likely one near you. A squadron is a great venue for boating education, socializing with other boaters, learning together, and having a good time together both on the water and on land.
Learn more about boating than you could ever imagine. Squadrons offer classroom and on-the-water instruction for you and your family or boating partners. They provide many opportunities to learn via comprehensive, formal courses as well as just talking informally with other boaters about their experience, knowledge, and assistance.  Squadron members help each other learn, solve boating problems, and have fun.
Have fun through social activities with other squadron members. Many squadrons meet often for fun and adventure. It's a great way for you and other family members to enjoy boater camaraderie and friendship. Some members like the fun, others like the learning, and most like it all.
  • Raft-ups
  • Parties
  • Dinner meetings (often with a speaker)
  • Picnics
  • And many more events