Welcome to the National Meetings Committee

The National Meetings Committee (NMC) is responsible for coordinating the site selection and contract negotiations involving Governing Board and Annual Meetings including responsibility for obtaining all pertinent information from hotels and for coordinating such details as facilities, room costs, food costs, transportation arrangements, etc. This information, together with the recommendations of the committee, are routinely presented to the Governing Board for approval. NMC also works collaboratively with districts and local host committees in the process of site selection and ultimate hosting including publicity in The ENSIGN and all facility arrangements with the hotel. Facilities responsibilities include ensuring that there are an adequate number of sleeping rooms, space for exhibits and meetings, equipment needed to facilitate the meetings, and planning for all meals and receptions. USPS will indemnify the host district against financial losses incurred when assisting with a national meeting provided that all plans and budgets for the meeting have been submitted and approved by the chair of the national meetings committee.