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Merit Mark Resources

The following comes from Chapter 16 of the Operations Manual:

A "merit mark" (MM) is awarded by the chief commander to a member for substantial personal effort in furthering the interest, programs and objectives of USPS, its districts and squadrons. It is a coveted award; it is by and large the only official recognition members receive for their efforts. Only one merit mark may be awarded in a year to a member, no matter how extensive the contribution. A certificate is issued, and a special insigne may be worn on USPS uniforms.

Recommendations for a merit mark are made by squadron, district, rear and vice commanders to the chief commander. Active, family and apprentice members may be recommended.

Merit Mark Resources and Reports can be found here


Recognizing the efforts of our members is an important leadership responsibility, so we want to provide all the information necessary to do so.

After accessing all of these resources, if you are still having problems, compose a clear and detailed description of your problem and click here to email it.

Our goal is to help you find what you seek.
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USPS Software

Recent Contributions

Update ITCom contact information
Project Documentation Entry and Documentation Generator (ITCom members only)

DB2000 & BCA

Now includes electronic MM
and Historian's Forms
DB2000 support
Boating Course Assistant BCA support

EdDept Course Tools

Available from the Education Department EdDept pages EdDept pages


Unofficial User Contributed forms


Clipart from the old CDROM

Website Tools

Link/URL checker Converting CSV files to .htpasswd
  Check disk usage
Webpage hit Counter

USPS Contact Info

Update contact information Contact mailer and online roster
Dissemination of information is the key to the success of any program.

Web Site Hosting

A tool has been developed to allow Squadrons and Districts to update and maintain the information displayed on the USPS public pages about their squadron or district and to update and maintain their ITC contact information, including their listed (or prefered) URL.

General Requirements ITCom has put together some very basic requirements for each site. Most of these requirements are basic HTML and Internet etiquette (netiquette) related, or to afford your squadron a better place in search engines.
There are additional usage notes for web sites that are located on the ITCom system.

Adding Your Web Page
If you would like to have your Squadron, District, or Committee web site housed on the ITCom system, please review the requirements, and then send an e-mail to the ITCom. Note that all USPS web sites, regardless of where they are located, have additional requirements.
A directory, user name, and password will be assigned to you, as well as your squadron (or district) URL.

Microsoft FrontPage Users
Neither "FrontPage Extensions" nor "Active Server Pages" are supported by the USPS web server.
Microsoft offers KISSfp, an "Add-on" for FrontPage that provides a way of publishing FrontPage-created web sites to web servers that do not support the extensions.

USPS Web Ring
It has been decided to drop USPS participation in the Web Ring venture. An alternate solution, which all are encouraged to take advantage of. You can see an example of how it works.

USPS Logos
Here is a link to all the various logos used by USPS.

Uploading Files
Some screen shots of several ftp programs are available to help you configure your client program.
Older step-by-step procedures for AOL users is available too. This might be useful for others as well, as most of the commands used by your ftp program will be the same.

Dissemination of information is the key to the success of any program.

ITCOM 2019

Committee Members & Projects

Chairman R/C Carl E. Filios, SN
Assistant Chairman Stf/C H Jay Stevens, SN
Server Administrator P/R/C Miguel Long, JN
Help Desk D/Lt Kristi Watson Anderson, P

Web Sites Coordinator

P/D/C William Miller

Area Monitor Liaison

P/C/C Lance Jensen, SN

Educational Outreach Liaison

P/V/C Robert Brandenstein, SN

Programming, Web Site

Lt/C Dan Bartell, SN
  P/R/C Miguel Long, JN
  R/C Carl E. Filios, SN
  Lt/C Karl Wagner, AP
  Lt/C Julian Fiander, SN
  Lt/C Harold W. Hoadley, AP
  Cdr Melodie Parrish, S
  Lt Jim Long, AP-IN
  D/Lt Alicia Simpson
  P/V/C Dave Hinders, SN
  D/Lt Nancy Kangas, AP
  D/Lt/C Thomas M. Alley, SN

Marketing Interface, Public pages

R/C Paul Mermelstein, SN


P/R/C Jim Williams, JN
  Stf/C H Jay Stevens, SN

DB2000 User Support

P/D/C Denise A Terry, AP
  P/C Andy Pensavalle
  D/Lt Jerry Zambroski, P

Programming, SQL

P/V/C Peter Mitchelson, SN


P/C/C Robert Baldridge, SN
  P/R/C Don Osmond, N

ITCOM Webmaster

R/C Carl Filios, SN

DB2000 Implementation Team

P/D/C Kenneth Guscott, JN


D/Lt Kristi Watson Anderson, P


Mary Catherine Berube
  Kathy Kesterson

National Representatives

Chief Commander C/C, Gary Cheney, SN
National Secretary R/C Harry Hebb, SN
Assistant Secretary R/C Harry Hebb, SN

Dissemination of information is the key to the success of any program.