Requesting a Squadron or District Roster

Only the Squadron or District Commander is authorized to request a roster from HQ (for their respective Squadron or District). This authority however, can be delegated. Lost passwords must be requested by the respective Commander (i.e.; District or Squadron).

Note that the "sqdXXX.exe" file will be returned as an attachment to a reply email, generally within a few hours, during normal business hours.

Please refer to your operating system and email program documentation for methods to save and execute files. Some email programs may remove the ".exe" extension, or provide a "file - save as..." dialog with incorrect extensions.

All changes to the squadron or district roster database files must be made by using DB2000. Please refer to the DB2000 installation and the DB2000 update help files for more information on the DB2000 program. 

The changes will be made to the national database, and an complete and updated roster file can be requested at a later date. 

If the squadron is not able to use BDU, any changes can be faxed or mailed to the national office, using the appropriate forms, available from headquarters (HQ102, HQ103, etc). 

Directories of officers, members, committees and the like, or any similar lists or files - at all levels of USPS - are to be considered strictly proprietary and not available to any outside individual, organization or agency, with the exception of the list of national officers appearing in THE ENSIGN. 

No member of USPS may use any such source for any purpose, public or private, outside the normal activities of USPS without prior approval of the Operating Committee.


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