BenCoonsNAOWelcome to the National Administrative Department.  We focus on the internal, or in-house, aspects of the squadrons and districts.  We are comprised of two committees with distinct focal points:


 1.  National Membership Committee (MEMCOM):  focus is on the individual member;  anything regarding recruiting or retaining a member;  involving members through boating or civic or social activities;  and supporting a member through offering unique member benefits and recognition is found here.  Membership retention is key.


2.  National Squadron Development Committee:  focus is on the squadron and district organizations, whether developing a brand new squadron, offering leadership or operations training, assisting squadrons and districts recruit volunteers, as well as nurturing existing squadrons.  Programs are developed, presented, and revamped with squadron growth in mind.


V/C Ben Coons, JN-CN.

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The NEW Membership (MEMCOM) and Squadron Development websites are open for business!  Click on the committee then click on everything, take a look around & get familiar with the layout and contents;  it's user-friendly!




15-19 August 2018:   National Governing Board Meeting in Minneapolis, MN



Member Involvement/Retention Award (MIRA): 15 May; awarded at Fall Governing Board Meeting 

USPS Youth Poster Contest:  17 August 2018, Friday; deliver to the Fall Governing Board Meeting 

Membership Growth Award (Growth Award):  no application to submit; awarded at National Annual Meeting 

District Leadership Development Program Award:  no application to submit; awarded at National Annual Meeting 

District Operations Training Program Award:  no application to submit; awarded at National Annual Meeting 

Finley Sea Scout Service Award:  1 October, to R/C of the National Membership Committee; awarded at National Annual Meeting 

BoatU.S. Civic Service Award:  15 October, to R/C of the Squadron Development Committee; awarded at National Annual Meeting 


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