2020 Decals are at Headquarters and will be shipped next week .


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USCG Issues a STAND DOWN on all VSC's

When Lifted, It will be posted here!

USCGAux Authorizes a Virtual VSC Click Here for Info

Virtual Vessel Safety Check Merit Mark Information 

Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) PlEASE READ  

 9siren            Notice to all  prospective Vessel Examiners:  

 The "Take a VSC test now" has been fixed!

Try the new VE Practice Test first.

(NOTE: This Practice Test is from the USCGAux and has several questions that do not pertain to the USPS. Be advised that this is a Sample test only)

Use it as you will for all of the answers now correspond to the latest VSC Manual (Dated October 2014).


General Steps to Becoming a Vessel Examiner

  1. Contact your Squadron VSC Chair
  2. Download and print the latest VSC manual
  3. Study, put it under your pillow, etc.
  4. When you think that you are ready, take the test on line
  5. Upon completion of the test request your Squadron Chair to have a qualified Vessel Examiner perform 5 joint Vessel Safety checks.
  6. Have your Squadron Chair submit the VSC-2 form to HQ and request 5 decals to be given to you.
  7. Congratulations! You now are a qualified VE and go out and inspect to your hearts content
  8. We can use all the VS Examiners that we can get, there are a lot of boats. If you have any further questions or needs please feel free to contact Chip Meany.


New Tools to Stimulate Prospective Vessel Examiners




news flash graphic
New Life Jacket Labeling System


Interesting Article: The term “readily available”



Please see Kidde Recall notice on Safety Committee Home Web page!


Click Here for USCG Reciprocity with USPS -- News!

Print the West Marine flyer below and give to Boaters that fail VSC. Cut the flyer into thirds. It is double sided..... This will give boater a 10% discount on some safety items. (Print in B/W to save ink.)

Safety On The Water Coupon

Coupon valid through 2020

Click here for Coupon in color                                        Click here for Coupon in Black and White 


VSC current 


Click here for Current VSC decal


Requesting Additional VSC Decals

Prior to requesting additional VSC decals ensure that all completed ANSC 7012 forms have been submitted to the on line data base. When your squadron has shown usage of 60% of decals originally issued, additional decals can be requested and will be sent to either the Squadron Commander or VSC Chair. Usage is defined as a vessel awarded a decal.

Additional decals can be obtained from D/C Chip Meany III, AP-IN at curmgn@gmail.com or if he is not available try  R/C Allan Furtado, SN at abfurtado@comcast.net.

Squadron Commanders/XOs and VSC chairs, please insist that completed ANSC 7012 forms be submitted as soon as possible. This can be done by either the VE doing the examination or the VSC Chair.  Instructions to submit the forms can be found here. In either case retention of the completed forms shall be for a one year period by whoever submits them.

New Paddle Boat Reflective Kit

This kit to be used on the paddles to reflect light to passer by.  Not to be used at night.

Can be obtained the same as the orange decals below. Limit 25 per squadron.

There is limited availability of the silver, reflective decals. Please order directly from Headquarters.

Paddle Boat Kit



 New Paddle Boat Guide Available From HQ

Be Smart, Be Safe, HAVE FUN  Guide


cropped paddle boat decal

To all Vessel Examiners:

Last May I sent out to all Squadron Executive Officers the following message:

"The USCG has again made the orange Paddle Boat decals available. I am suggesting that every time a VE performs a VSC on a Paddle Boat they apply one of these new orange ID decals and fill in the owner's name and phone number with indelible ink. These decals are used when the vessel is located abandoned on a river or lake with nobody around. A simple phone call to the owner listed on the decal will save hours of the USCG trying to search and rescue someone that is not lost overboard.
The decal is to be used on a privately owned paddle boats only (ie not owned by a leasing/rental company or National Park).
We have enough to supply all squadrons with small quantities.  They will be given out at 3 per VE in Squadron.
If you wish to order any decals please have either you Squadron Commander or VSC chair contact Lena Padro only via email at padrol@hq.usps.org DO NOT CALL LENA FOR THESE DECALS!. HQ must have your order in writing to charge your Squadron. There will be a small $4.00 handling fee plus postage charged to your squadron.
If the District VSC chair determine that they wish to acquire some of these decals, by all means contact HQ by email and a suitable quantity will be shipped for the same nominal charge.
Any questions please contact D/C Chip Meany III, AP-IN at curmgn@gmail.com or R/C Allan B. Furtado, SN via email "abfurtado@comcast.net."

These decals are still available so request are honored upon receipt. Please, Email request only!


VSC Useful Archived Information



Appointment Poster

Is your squadron looking for an efficient way to promote the VSC program and your squadron? To that end USPS has developed the Decal Awareness Program (DAP) The main focus of Decal Awareness Program to promote the VSC program and your squadron. A vessel examiner can greet boaters with flyer in hand which has the examiners name & phone number on the bottom for future reference. The main benefits of this program arew direct contact with the boater; professional presentation of materials, promotion of your squadron, and a major incentive for the examiner. The Safety Committee has developed universal flyer with a Boat US advertisement, and room for your squadron and examiner information. The nucleus of the flyer is the" VSC Decal" The surrounding information be altered to include your squadrons information. The committee has also developed a "SAVE A LIFE" poster. The poster can be placed at locations such as boat ramps, yacht clubs, marine suppliers or any where else boaters gather. We also have a newsletter insert for your publications. The Decal Awareness Program not only promotes the VSC program, it promotes all aspects of the "United States Power Squadrons."  Click on any of the images on this page to download it.

Save a Life PosterAppointment Poster