District and Squadron Event Insurance

Effective 1 July 2008, USPS selected the Chubb Insurance Group to ensure that USPS has the best comprehensive insurance coverage. USPS insurance provides coverage for districts and squadrons that use property owned by others for classrooms, meetings and other events. Where evidence of insurance is required by the owner or lessor, districts and squadrons should complete the certificate of insurance request form and submit the request to Chubb’s agent, Gowrie, Barden & Brett.

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This page is provided as a means to share information during a storm, natural disaster, or any emergency. If such a situation exists, USPS members may post any information which they feel would be of value to others involved or affected by the event or to indicate the type of assistance which could be used. If you wish to post a message, just click below.
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The following is a digest of the latest postings to the USPS Storm Central BLOG and the National Hurricane Center.

The Secretary's Department, under the direction of V/C Harry Hebb, SN, encompasses six national committees. On this page you will find links to each committee. While each component addresses specific needs of the organization, all are dedicated to service and communications.

Harry Allen
Secretary Assistant Secretary
Harry Hebb David Allen

mcdonaldSay, do you need a USPS hat, a PFD or a nice nautical jacket? Well, the Ship's Store under the direction of R/C Claire McDonald, SN, offers a wide variety of USPS merchandise. Many items for you and your favorite America's Boating Club friends are available for purchase on this USPS website and at all national meetings. Come to think of it, if you were not at last Governing Board Meeting, you missed an incredible sale. But, don't despair, watch for frequent discounts announced in the monthly email blasts and the ENSIGN magazine. Keep an eye out for cool, new America's Boating Club items. And don't forget to shop for those Change of Watch items. Check it out. You will not be disappointed.

anastasioHave you ever wondered how to properly fly your flags? Just where does the Ensign fly, what about your squadron burgee? If you would like to learn the proper way to fly your flags and burgees, visit the Heritage and Protocol Committee under the direction of R/C Guy Anastasio, SN, and the Flag and Etiquette Subcommittee (FECOM) page; they will show you how. As well, do you know the history of the Squadrons? If you are interested or if you are a squadron or district historian, visit the Historian's subcommittee page. The Operations Manual contains a most interesting chapter on our over 100 year history.

carlFor members involved in the record keeping side of their squadron or district, the Information Technology Committee (ITCOM) under the direction of R/C Carl Filios, SN, is a good place to start. Webmasters will also find this page to be most interesting. You can download a variety of software to maintain squadron records that will greatly enhance your business process. Give it a try. AND, if you have technical skills they would be more than glad to let you help our effort at maintaining the organization's systems.

cherlyThe Communications Committee under the direction of R/C Cheryl Jarrell, AP, is the latest addition to the Secretary's Department. Squadron and District newsletter editors and webmasters will find essential data on the Communications Committee (COMMCom) page. It includes tips on how to create award winning publications and websites. It is well worth checking out if you desire to win the coveted Distinctive Communicator Award.

An organization as large and as diverse as USPS, must document itself. anna The Operations Manual Committee under the direction of R/C Anna Morris, SN, does just that. The manual describes the organization, its procedures and processes. It is intended primarily as a reference manual. Either the entire manual or individual chapters may be downloaded from their website. Visit the Operations Manual Committee page to view or download all or part this important document. Squadron and District officers should each have a copy of this important document for research and review. There are several manuals that we maintain for USPS; among the newest is the History Manual. Check it out on the download page.

annNeed Help? The National Member Services Committee under the direction of R/C Ann Peltier, SN, in addition to maintaining the USPS Help Desk, encourages squadrons to maintain their member records, forms and other duties in a timely manner. District Member Services Representatives encourage squadrons to review and maintain their member’s information, sharing knowledge on how to use the online forms for new member registration and transfers as well as the interfacing of HQ800 data and new member registration. Visit them at Member Services. This committees name was changed from Membership Services to Member Services by the Board of Directors to better indicate their mission and not be confused with the Administrative Department.

If you are looking for documents or forms, please note the menu bar located at the top of the screen. The Secretary can be reached at ns@usps.org or just click here.

What is the USPS Monthly Broadcast?

The monthly broadcast is sent to the leaders of the USPS districts and squadrons. The content is primarily of an operational nature and intended to provide the latest on what is happening within the organization. Subscriptions are restricted to members only.