The USPS Flag and Etiquette Committee is the guardian of the traditions of the sea and of USPS. It bears responsibility for matters of procedure and protocol, ceremonies, uniforms and proper display of USPS flags, burgees and pennants. It responds to questions from districts, squadrons and individual members on any of these areas. Its message is: Do it right.

In 1998, USPS in consultation with the U.S. Coast Guard, Coast Guard Auxiliary, New York Yacht Club and other yachting authorities developed an updated nautical flag code, How to Fly Flags, Nautical flag Display for use on private vessels. The new nautical flag code is flexible enough to accommodate the wide variation in construction of modern pleasure craft. New configurations of boats, riggings and the like have slightly modified the traditional points of honor. Use of antennas, fishing towers, outriggers, sailboat backstays, portside halyards, and double hoisting are all new to the nautical flag code. The booklet is available from USPS Headquarters and various marine retailers around the country