Dear Fellow Member

Thanks to all of the members who donated to the Century Fund this year!  With your continued support we are pleased to announce that the fund's balance at year's end was $1,800,000.

The Century Fund has been created in recognition of that accomplishment to ensure that there is an ongoing source of support for the activities of USPS, now and into the next century. Our goal is to raise 10 million dollars in the ensuing years. Investment income from gifts made to this fund will be used to fund initiatives that support strategic issues facing our organization.

Donations - We encourage your donations. You may use the secure online process at

to select a donation level or make a pledge for future donations. We have established four achievement levels for donations and headquarters will keep a cumulative total of your donations over the corning years so that you might reach a chosen level. The four levels are as follows:

The Century Club - With a donation of $100 or more you will become a member of the Century Club. You will receive a distinctive pin to indicate that you are a supporter. Members who have already donated to this level should have received their distinctive Century Club pins.

The USPS Memorial Walkway - With a donation of $1,000 or more you will be entitled to an engraved tile that will be placed on the memorial walkway that will be established in front of our headquarters building.

The USPS Memorial Wall - With a donation of $2,000 or more you will be entitled to an engraved brick that will be placed on the memorial wall that will be established inside the entrance to our headquarters building.

The USPS Memorial Plaque - With a donation of $10,000 or more you will be presented a bronze plaque at an annual meeting containing your name and chosen inscription. This plaque will hang on a wall within our headquarters building. A second, smaller plaque will be given to the donor.

Estate Planning - When you do your estate planning please remember USPS. As we are a 501(c)(3) charitable organization all gifts to USPS are deductible, with some limitations, for tax purposes.

Thank you in advance for your support of our fine organization.


The Century Fund Steering Committee

Dues, Forms, Policies and Budget

A number of forms are used in the support of the financial operations of the organization. This page contains links to those most widely used within the national treasurer's department. It also contains instructions for completing the IRS Form 990, required of all non-profit organizations. The electronic postcard (IRS Form 990-N) can be used by most squadrons and there is a link to that reference.


Squadron/District On-Line Dues Status Reports
National Dues & Fees
Squadron Dues Calculator


Form Number Description
BUD-1 General Expense Voucher (pdf) - Updated 13 January 2020
BUD-2A Travel Expense Voucher (pdf) - Updated 9 January 2020
TR-1 TR1 Treasurer Report for IRS Fm 990 submission (pdf)
IRS Form 990 Instructions Describes Requirements for filing the different Forms 990
IRS Form 990 EZ Short form for organizations exempt from income tax (pdf)
IRS Form 990-N The 990-N e-Postcard can be used by most squadrons. Login ID and password required to electronically file. Guidance provided.
2020 Budget  (pdf)]


2020 Officers and Committees

USPS Treasurer
V/C Diana Jackson, SN

Treasurer's Aide
Stf/C Kristi Anderson, P

Immediate Past Treasurer
P/V/C Lee Popham, JN


2020 Budget Committee


Asst. Treasurer R/C Joseph M. Gatfield, JN
Budget Officer R/C Jim Harden, Jr., JN-CN
Asst. Budget Officer - Exec/Admin/Sec Depts   Stf/C Hector L. Colon, SN
Asst. Budget Officer - Education Dept. Stf/C Larry D. Cole, SN-IN


Webmaster       P/D/C Bob Boal, SN

is a Standing Committee of the Governing Board.


FinCom Committee members for 2020:

R/C Gary L. Baker, P-IN
Stf/C Greg D. Shay, JN-ACN
P/D/C Warren S. Maciag, SN
1st/Lt Ben Coons, JN-CN

Standing Committees:

The latest version of the National Bylaws is dated 23 February 2019 and the Finance Committee is described in Section 5.8 that states:

Section 5.8 There shall be standing committees of the Governing Board with chairman, assistant chairman and members to be elected or appointed as provided in Article 11 herein.

5.8.1 [Reserved]

5.8.2 There shall be a Finance Committee, reporting to the Board of Directors, composed of five members of whom one shall be chairman, and another of whom shall be assistant chairman. The Finance Committee shall, before the end of each fiscal year, review the proposed budget for the ensuing fiscal year as prepared by the budget director. After determination that the necessary funds can be made available to finance the budget as presented, the Finance Committee shall submit such budget to the Board of Directors for consideration before the fall meeting of the Governing Board, or if there is only one meeting of the Governing Board for the fiscal year, then to that meeting which is last scheduled prior to the fiscal year for which the budget is to be presented. In the event the Finance Committee cannot foresee the required funds, then it shall reject the budget as presented and return same to the budget director, together with an estimated amount which the Finance Committee feels can be realistically financed. The budget director will then work with the national treasurer to revise the proposed budget and resubmit to the Finance Committee through its chairman.

5.8.2a Such budget when adopted by the Board of Directors will be final, except as special supplementary appropriations may be approved subject to the following procedure: All special requests for subsequent appropriations shall be submitted to the Finance Committee, in writing whenever possible, and with full reasons in support thereof. Thereafter, the Finance Committee shall report promptly its recommendations to the Board of Directors.

5.8.2b The Finance Committee shall annually make a study of the amount of annual dues and fees and make a report with respect thereto to the fall meeting of the Governing Board, or if there is only one meeting of the Governing Board for the fiscal year, then to that meeting which is last scheduled prior to the fiscal year for which the budget is to be presented

5.8.2c The Finance Committee shall draft a fiscal policy for consideration and adoption by the Board of Directors. The policy shall define a measure of the financial health of USPS, conditions warranting remedial action and required responses.

5.8.2d The Finance Committee shall propose to the Governing Board at its annual meeting an outside auditor licensed to practice in North Carolina.

Treasurer's Department


Diana.Jackson 1

V/C Diana G. Jackson, SN

National Treasurer