Cooperative Charting Program of the United States Power Squadrons is conducted in close cooperation with United States Army Corps of Engineers, the United States Coast Guard and  NOAA's National Geodetic Survey Division (NGSD). The Program continues to be a major public service of USPS.  As in the past, members supply important information to the above agencies so updates can be made to nautical charts and the National Survey Marker databases.

The Aid-To-Navigation and Bridge Inspection programs support the USACE and Coast Guard in assuring waterways are properly marked and maintained.

The Cooperative Charting Committee maintains a Geodetic Program where members help to verify the accuracy of reference points established on the surface of the earth by local, state, and national agencies. Maintenance and preservation of these marks is of utmost importance to users of the net and to NGSD.  Recognizing that many valuable geodetic marks are destroyed by construction, new roads, erosion, or for other causes, our job is to locate each of these marks and report their condition together with any change in the directions needed to locate them.

We have been complimented by government leadership that the Cooperative Charting Program is recognized as the most effective user-participation program in all of the Federal Services. 

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