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Welcome to the Public Affairs Committee’s (PA-Com) webpage


Our committee was formed by the consolidation of the Government and Partner Relations, Public Relations and Program Partner Relations Committees.

Partner relations are an integral part of our missions and essential to boating education at both the national and local levels.   Additionally. communication of our events, activities, functions and programs to and between our partners, our members and to the public is critical to our mission and the mission of USPS. The mission and goal of the Public Affairs Committee is:

“To serve as the United States Power Squadrons’® advocate to the public, our partners, government and other agencies in a manner that provides consistent and coherent communication and interactions regarding USPS endeavors and those of our partners, including the providing of communication and assistance at the District and Squadron level to allow such advocacy at the those levels.”

Given our broad mission, we continue to develop structure and specific and measurable goals to insure that the needs of USPS and that of our mission are met. The Public Affairs Committee is comprised of the following four sub-committees.

  1. External Communications and Outreach (provides general communication and boating related information to the public along with approved policies and public positions as to boating related issues);
  2. Partner Relations and MOUs (maintains and coordinates specific relationships and communication with our partners);
  3. Internal Communications and Squadron/District Assistance (creates and maintains communication with our Districts, Squadrons and members in order to provide information and suggestions on how they can create and maintain partnerships at a local level and be informed of boating related issues); and
  4. Committee Administration (committee communications, secretarial functions, record maintenance, website, etc.,).

PA-Com is an exciting and important part of USPS. If you’d like to join us, please contact me for more information. Also, be sure to update your USPS resume at the Committee on Nominations web page at

R/C Robert E. (Bob) Canfield, JN