ms Jamie D

R/C Mike Skelley, JN-IN

Stf/C Jamie McCurry, JN


Doreen D
Aide Jerry Hall, SN ~P/C/C Doreen Hinksman, AP (CPS-ECP)~ Lt/C George Gilbert, JN


Kristi C

BillStano2 B
P/D/C Ken Smith, AP ~D/Lt Kristi Anderson, P~  P/D/C Bill Stano, JN

R/C Mike Skelley, JN-IN

 Lt/C George Gilbert, JN


Stf/C Jamie McCurry, JN

Aide Jerry Hall, SN

P/D/C Ken Smith, AP

P/C/C Doreen Hinksman AP (CPS-ECP)

P/R/C Kristi Anderson, P

P/D/C William Stano, JN

United States Power Squadrons and America's Boating Club

Planning Committee


The Planning Committee (PlanCom) is a 'think tank' for where United States Power Squadrons/America's Boating Club is headed.  We are often looking for new ideas to help this great organization remain relative in this competitive market.  If you have any ideas, let us know.  We will review and determine the value based on the current environment and needs.  Or if you see us throughout the year at meetings or events, we welcome your comments.

Our goals and procedures are based on the information from the Operations Manual, below.

If you are interested in being a member of PlanCom, please submit a resume through the Committee of Nominations webpage.


3.87 The Planning Committee makes recommendations in response to queries referred to it by the Governing Board, by the Board of Directors and, on its own initiative, makes recommendations of proposed changes for the improved functioning of USPS.

Time limitations at many Governing Board and Board of Directors meetings prohibit discussions to the depth that many subjects require. These topics may be referred to the planning committee for study and consideration. That committee subsequently reports its recommendation back to the referring body.

Resolutions from district conferences or USPS departments that represent possible changes in policy or procedure are generally referred to this committee for study and report. Over a period of years, the planning committee may restudy a subject previously considered since it must keep abreast of social and legal changes.

The committee is comprised of no less than seven nor more than eleven members, and usually consists of past chief, vice, rear and district commanders. The committee works closely with various committee chairs and the Board of Directors to ensure good planning.

Reports and recommendations of the planning committee are made to the Governing Board or Board of Directors for appropriate action. Districts and squadrons are made aware of these reports and recommendations through the minutes of Governing Board and Board of Directors meetings or by special notice, so that wide circulation can be given to the membership on policy recommendations, with reasons for or against the proposals. This enables the membership to consider, with all facts available, the subject under consideration.