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For the past few years we have been implementing our new "LOGOS" and "AMERICA'S BOATING CLUB".  The majority of our Districts and Squadrons have been living the LOGO and creating plans to ensure their future as we continue to move forward.

If your District or Squadron needs support developing plans and maintaining plans, then you're at the right place as our committee is here to support you.  Please do not hesitate to contact me since our goal is to work together for success.

In 2019 we revised the BoatUS Civic Service Award.  This award has been simplified for all squadrons and is an excellent way to showcase your activities. Start keeping track of your activities now and throughout the year as it provides the perfect lens for applying for this award.  Ways to track your activities?  These include letters, articles in area publications, pictures per parameters, your newsletters, your website - all help to support what you are doing and doing well as an applicant for the BoatUS Civic Service Award.  The 2020 deadline is October 15 and soon the application form and directions will be posted to the website.

Lastly, a great big thanks to all of you for all your hard work and commitment for making our families safe on our waters, for educating the public on safe boating, for serving the communities in many civic service activities, for forging new friendships, and for having fun doing it all as America's Boating Club.  Please know that we both appreciate the effort and are here to assist you with squadron development and support!


R/C Connie J. Shay, S

Squadron Support & Development


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