Chief's Representatives for District Conferences

Where the Chief Commander cannot be present, the attached list identifies which officer will represent him at every District's Conference. Some dates and locations have yet to be finalized and will be updated as soon as the information becomes available.

Biographies and/or background information is not yet available and will be included as an interactive PDF form where the viewer can select an officer and click on his or her name to view the bio with photo. To take advantage of the interactive features will require the viewer use either Adobe Reader or Adobe Acrobat. Adobe Reader is available at no cost to the viewer.

If you experience problems viewing the document with Google's Chrome, it is due to the browser employing the Google viewer. Enter "about:plugins" in the address bar and locate "Chrome PDF Viewer". Select Disable. This will assure PDF documents will be viewed using the Adobe application.

Microsoft's IE along with the free browsers Opera and Firefox work fine. Still have a problem viewing the file? Please contact the webmaster.

Mac users: problems viewing PDF files in Safari? Go to Applications, select Safari, right-click (Control Click), select "Get Info" and deselect 32-bit mode. Safari should operate in 64-bit mode to take advantage of the interactive form.

Have an iPad? Download the FREE Adobe Reader app for the iPad. When you click to open the C/C Rep PDF document you will have an option at the top right to either open in "iBooks" or in "Adobe Reader". Select Adobe Reader, again to take advantage of the interactive form.

NOTE: Some versions of Adobe Reader may require the viewer to confirm access to the desired representative's file as to whether or not the site or file can be "trusted". Select ALLOW. All files are located on USPS servers.

List of C/C Representatives for District Conferences
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2019 Distinctive Communicator Awards

Each year the USPS Commnications Committee reviews publications and websites and considers organizations for the Distinctive Communicator Award. Criteria for this award can be found elsewhere on this website and they are different for each category; publications and websites. Those districts and squadrons recognized in either or both categories reflect an effort that meets or exceeds these criteria and all members of each district and squadron who supported these efforts are to be congratulated for their work and dedication throughout the year. Their efforts not only serve to inform their membership but also other USPS members and, of course, members of the public. It goes without saying that every member of each district and squadron so recognized should feel proud of their organization's accomplishments.

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