Boat Safely With AIS Marine Electronics

AIS Electronics for Boaters, our newest Boat Systems seminar, can help you decide if Automatic Identification System (AIS) electronics are right for you. AIS electronics aren’t just for commercial vessels. Using AIS can help you navigate crowded waterways easily and safely.

With AIS marine electronics onboard, you can identify potential dangers and quickly make decisions on the water. Many systems share your boat’s information with other boats so they can also make better, safer boating decisions.

In this course, you will learn what AIS does, how it works, whether you need an AIS system, how AIS is different from radar, how to use AIS to navigate more safely, and what to consider when integrating AIS with your existing electronics.

AIS Electronics for Boaters is available for classroom instruction and as an interactive online seminar. The classroom edition of the seminar and the interactive online seminar have the same scope and learning objectives. For a preview of the online seminar, click Free preview below.

Classroom materials include a 40-page full-color student guide in your choice of print or eBook format. Instructor materials are also available in hard copy or eBook format. The Instructor Kit includes the student guide, a DVD or eDVD with three versions of the PowerPoint presentation and Instructions on how to use the versions to prepare for teaching and when teaching the classroom. 




Do you use your boat to cruise to different locations for longer periods of time?  You need to have as much information as possible available so you’re not surprised by local laws or regulations.

  • The Crossing Borders seminar is intended to help you if you’re going to cross international boundaries such as into Canada, Mexico or the Bahamas.  You’ll learn about immigration and customs processes, as well as special programs that ease your entry and exit into such places.
Where Can I Take a Seminar?

If one or more of these seminars interest you, locate a seminar in your area. If you're a USPS member, contact your Squadron Educational Officer and take a seminar at your squadron rate. We hope to see you soon!

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Crossing Borders Booklet CoverCROSSING BORDERS

If you live in the border states, you can cross international borders and visit our neighbors to the north or south. But what do you need to know? This seminar explains the immigration and customs process and the programs that enable boaters to easily cross into Canada, Mexico or the Bahamas. Be prepared by having the correct documents; we can help you get there. Each student receives a full color Student Guide especially written for the seminar.

What's Included?
  • Understand the immigration and customs process
  • Prepare and carry the correct documents for your crossing
  • Who are and how to contact the proper authorities
  • Timelines for the entry and departure processes
  • What can’t be carried across the borders

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