District and Squadron Event Insurance

Effective 1 July 2008, USPS selected the Chubb Insurance Group to ensure that USPS has the best comprehensive insurance coverage. USPS insurance provides coverage for districts and squadrons that use property owned by others for classrooms, meetings and other events. Where evidence of insurance is required by the owner or lessor, districts and squadrons should complete the certificate of insurance request form and submit the request to Chubb’s agent, Gowrie, Barden & Brett.

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This page is provided as a means to share information during a storm, natural disaster, or any emergency. If such a situation exists, USPS members may post any information which they feel would be of value to others involved or affected by the event or to indicate the type of assistance which could be used. If you wish to post a message, just click below.
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The following is a digest of the latest postings to the USPS Storm Central BLOG and the National Hurricane Center.

What is the USPS Monthly Broadcast?

The monthly broadcast is sent to the leaders of the USPS districts and squadrons. The content is primarily of an operational nature and intended to provide the latest on what is happening within the organization. Subscriptions are restricted to members only.


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