Piloting is the first course in the sequence of USPS courses on navigation, covering the basics of coastal and inland navigation. This course focuses on navigation as it is done on recreational boats today and embraces GPS as a primary navigation tool while covering enough of traditional techniques so the student will be able to find his/her way even if their GPS fails.

Topics covered in the Piloting course: Charts and their interpretation, Navigation aids and how they point to safe water, Plotting courses and determining direction and distance, The mariner's compass and converting between True and Magnetic, Use of GPS typical GPS displays and information they provide, setting up waypoints and routes, staying on a GPS route, Pre-planning safe courses and entering them into the GPS, Monitoring progress and determining position by both GPS and traditional techniques such as bearings and dead reckoning, The "Seaman's Eye" a simple skills for checking that one is on course.

The course includes many in-class exercises, developing the student's skills through hands-on practice and learning.

Cost: $.00

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