Cruising and Cruise Planning

There is something very special about the thrill of cruising in new waters and the sense of accomplishment upon completing an extended cruise. To go beyond what most boaters do on a weekend overnight or even a week or so marina hopping requires boaters to leave their normal cruising areas and comfort zones.

The Cruising and Cruise Planning course focuses on the planning and preparation necessary for safe enjoyable extended cruises on both inland and coastal waters.

Designed for boaters who cruise on either a sail or powerboat (owned or chartered) this course covers the following topics:

Cruise preparation and planning
General Boat and Equipment
Anchors and Anchoring
Security, Chartering
Cruising Outside the United States
Crew and Provisioning
Voyage Management

This course will be taught in 6 sessions including time for review and the multiple choice closed book exam.

Cost: $149.00

Registration for the Crusing and Cruise Planning Course