Basic Marine Electricity

March 24 & 31 April 7 & 14, 6:30 to 8:30 PM EST, Online Via Zoom

This seminar is for boaters who want to understand the electrical systems on their boats but for whom electricity remains a bit of a mystery. The seminar begins with wiring and measuring basic circuits, progresses through marine wiring practices, and concludes with the safe use of shore power.

Disclaimer: The course is a creation of the Grand Traverse Bay squadron and is not a United States Power Squadron Course. It is not for certification or licensure, but rather educational in nature. Students are encouraged to seek qualified help in resolving electrical issues on their boats.

The instructor is a retired physics professor and member of America's Boating Club Grand Traverse Bay.

An Electricity Kit for lab work will be mailed to each participant.

Cost: $25 for the seminar; $25 deposit for the kit, refundable upon return of the kit.

The number of students is limited to 10 due to equipment limitations.

DateSeminar Topic
March 24Introduction to Electricity
Describing Electricity: Amps, Volts, Watts
Using a Multimeter (Lab)
March 31A Boat's Electrical System-An Overview
Electrical Resistance and its Cause
How to Determine Resistance (Lab)
April 7A Boat's Electrical System-important Details
Resistance of Wires-Shorter and Fatter is Better
The Resistance of a Long Skinny Wire (Lab)
Aprit 14Safe Use of Shore Power
Protecting Against Ground Faults and Other Trouble
Stray Current-Causes and Cures
Electroshock Drowning

Cost $25 plus $25 lab kit deposit

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