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Americas Boating Club Grand Traverse Bay offers many different boating classes. Our classes range from basic boater safety to advanced navigation, marine electrical systems, and engine maintenance. Whether you are a brand new boater or an experienced mariner, we have a class that will enhance your knowledge and skills and confidence.

Our courses are offered in both the spring and the fall. Some courses are taught in person in conjunction with Northwestern Michigan College, and other courses are taught online. We offer a free, online, spring seminar series that focuses on honing your knowledge and skills for a safe summer of boating.

America's Boating Club Grand Traverse Bay
Spring 2024Fall 2024
CourseInstructorVenueTime Frame   CourseInstructorVenueTime Frame
Advanced Marine Navigation Bailey NMC in Person April-May (7)    Off Shore or Celestial Navigation Smethells, Bailey HomeFlexible Warm Weather Preferred
Cruising & Cruise Planning Stone NMC in Person April-May (6)    Marine Engine Maintenance Williams NMCs ZoomOct-Nov (7)
Sail Terrell NMC in person & on waterApril June (10)    Independent or Group Study Various VariousDepends on Course
America's Boating Course Williams, Stone, Bailey NMC ZoomMay (3)    Independent or Group Study Various VariousDepends on Course
ABC College For Kids Bailey, Stone, Taddia, Terrell, Smethells NMC In PweaonJune (4 Mornings)   

Our complete list of classes

ABC-America's Boating Course gives you the basics you need to get out on the water safely, and it meets most state boating education requirements.

Boat Handling builds your competence and confidence on the water with an in-depth look at the practical boating skills.

Marine Navigation and Advanced Marine Navigation give you the skills you need to get where you're going using charts and marine electronics as well as a knowledge of winds, currents, and tides.

Offshore Navigation and Celestial Navigation, a must for oceangoing captains, teach you about planning and monitoring your voyage using modern marine electronics and how celestial observations cam help you estimate our vessel's position with confidence.

Cruising and Cruise Planning prepare you for a multi-day voyage.

Engine Maintenance gives you information on how engines work and basic maintenance procedures, as well as how to recognize problems.

Marine Electrical Systems provides information on Alternating and Direct current, as well as boat electrical systems.

Marine Communication Systems explains the different types of radios and communication options.

Electronic Navigation give you basic information on the various electronic devices available today that help you navigate and select routes.

Radar for Boaters give you basic information on radar.

Sail lets you learn about basic sailboat designs and nomenclature, rigging, and safety from experienced sailors. Then tackle the physical aspects of all forces and techniques, sail applications, marlinespike, helmsmanship, and handling of difficult conditions. You then practice these skills on the water.

Weather is a detailed study of the causes of weather, various types of storms, clouds, and predicting weather.

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