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Looking for advise on how to do that next boat project? Want to know which caulk is best for your application? What cleaner is best for removing those spider deposits? Here are some great ideas, great products, and real life experiences of our members that may answer your questions.

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FSR (Fiberglass Stain Remover) is gel that removes oil, rust, exhaust, waterline and transom stains. Really good for getting rid of brown spots (bow mustache) on your hull. Just apply, wait a few minutes, and hose off.

Use a label maker to label wires at the electrical panel.

LED Flashlight Gloves on Amazon for about $10.00. I received these as a gift and find them very helpful getting into tight places on the boat. The lights on the fingers are bright and you can also hold a wrench or other tool with out having to hold a flashlight.

Never buy flares again. Electric Visual Distress Signaling Devices have been approved by the USCG to replace pyrotechnic flares. These devises use LED to flash S.O.S. for up to 60 hours. The USCG recently approved Red-Orange/Cyan color besides white as a night signal. eVDSDs now come in either white or the new Red-Orange/Cyan. Cost is about $80.

Luci Inflatable Solar Lantern. Solar powered, collapses for storage, lasts 24 hours on a full charge. Fully charged in 7 hours. It's a great light. I use it in the cockpit at night, and have even used it as an emergency anchor light. There are two brightness settings. Highly recommended.

Use reflective tape to be seen at night. Wrap some around your stanchions, along the toe rail, or the bimini frame. Others will be able to see you in the dark of night. Also good for finding your own boat in a crowded anchorage after a nice dinner ashore.