Vessel Safety Checks

The Vessel Safety Check Program is an effective, proactive preventative safety program unique to the recreational boating community. It insures that key marine safety equipment is present, is within prescribed functional limits, and is compliant with Federal, State, and local regulations. It provides the examiner an opportunity to discuss with the recreational boater, the purpose of the marine safety equipment, to clarify various Federal, State, and local regulations, to emphasize specific safety procedures and practices, to answer any boating related questions and to encourage additional boater education.

Contact one of the listed GTBay VSC inspectors to arrange for your courtesy VSC.

Dee McClure         443-562-9488
Thomas Rea         231-633-3793
Craig Shantz         231-357-6673
Arnold Taddia         231-929-0841
Jerry Williams         231-633-3141

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